Aldbridge Street Goods Station

Diesel Locomotives

Locomotives LMS Hunslet 0-6-0DM 7051 and LMS EE/HL 0-6-0DE 7076 are both constructed from Judith Edge Kits and were built for me by Michael Edge and painted by Ian Rathbone.

They are  both finished in LMS plain black livery as LMS 7051 and LMS 7076.

In truth LMS 7051 never rejoined the LMS after its stint with the War Department, but went back to its makers and then through a series of private owners to be still extant at the Middleton Railway. I have assumed that after refurbishment at Hunslett it was returned to the LMS where it was sent to work at Aldbridge Street.

Number 7076 survived in BR ownership until the early 1960s .