Aldbridge Street Goods Station

The Build a Better Railway  




This locomotive kit was presented to me as retirement gift by my work colleagues. It is available from  Backwoods Miniatures and is designed to run on 009 gauge track. For that reason it will never see service at Aldbridge Street. However, as a gift from my ex-colleagues, it must be built.. The attached picture is taken from the Backwoods Miniatures website. The instructions for the recommend that the kit is built using glue, in particular Dr Mikes No 2. I have acquired some of this glue, but so far I have soldered the internal parts and fittings, the overlays (underlays as they fit behind the windows?) and the underfames (I did glue the brass steps to the whitemetal underframe).  

The next steps in the instructions state that these parts should be painted, but that assumes gluing the rest of the kit together, so at the moment I am musing what steps to take next


The Cuckoo in the Nest - A Backwoods Miniatures Steam Railbus Kit